the Chinese-American Supernova Singing Contest held at the Circus Maximus Theater in Caesar’s Atlantic City



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I have been to many concerts and beauty pageants, but the Chinese-American Supernova Singing Contest held recently at the Circus Maximus Theater in Caesar’s Atlantic City was a first for me.  It was truly a fantastic event.

Twelve young and talented contestants (boys more than girls) was the group of singers that came out and kicked off the show.  They sang their hearts out, providing an opening number that communicated both talent and stage presence to an audience that was on the edge of their seats with anticipation.

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The Supernova Singing Contest held at Caesar’s in Atlantic City was attended by over a thousand people, including many family members and friends of the performers.  The inaugural Chinese-American Supernova Singing Contest commissioned a theme song, “Chasing Your Dream” from the talented singer-songwriter Vivian Liu.

The MC of the show, Andy Pang, was joined by Amigo Choi and Angel Leung On Kay, who, along with the judges (who came from differing professional backgrounds, including singers, composers and celebrities) brought star power to a show that delivered both top notch singing and entertainment to its audience.  It was an event where the stars shined even brighter.


The competition consisted of three rounds.  The first round, featured the top 10 contestants.

From this competition, the bottom two then each sang individually, followed by number 11 and 12.  From these four singers, two then moved back into the top 10.

Each of the 10 sang again, until there were only  5 top contenders left.  The competition quickly became both more exciting and more competitive.  Each of the 5 gave it their all in their final performace of the competition.

I can honestly say that each of the 5 finalists were qualified winners.  I’m glad I didn’t have to judge!  The singing ranged from Chinese pop to Cantonese pop to rap to broadway, making the show a unique presentation of differing musical singing styles.


From this top 5, it was contestant #9, Danniew Li, who’s performance catapulted him to the front of the competition, and was chosen the winner.  Danniew now goes on to sing in the international singing competition held in Hong Kong in 2014.