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F&T Group, a Flushing-based international developer that for three decades has been a driving force behind the neighborhood’s building boom, debuts a new food hall at Queens Crossing, a state of the art, mixed-use development in the heart of downtown Flushing. Now occupying approximately 10,000 square feet of this vibrant and culture-rich corner of New York City, the food hall is offering nine (and more to come) individual food concepts serving everything from Japanese Curry to Poke. F&T Group not only spearheaded the development at Queens Crossing, but the team, headed by executive vice president Helen Lee, also hand-picked each and every purveyor located within the 12-story building. Located nearby is another F&T property, One Fulton Square, a mixed-use development with residential, office and hotel space along with a variety of restaurants.


One Fulton Square houses many imported concepts from Asia, with Leaf Bar & Lounge created specifically to bring a forward-thinking craft bar experience to the residents of Flushing. With diversity of both concept and community in mind, Lee and the team took special care in selecting the culinary purveyors for the food hall and dining spaces at Queens Crossing, traveling back and forth between New York and Asia to bring authentic, new dishes to New York City. The stars of this brand-new space are the exciting and diverse food offerings ranging from full-service restaurants to quick stalls. One of the first to share the vision is Manhattan-based restaurateur and designer, Natalie Graham, who with Japanese Chef Takanori Akiyama, both of the Lower East Side’s Saka Mai, created two new concepts debuting at Queens Crossing — Curry Bo offering authentic Japanese curry, which Chef Akiyama spent over 15 years perfecting and Young Street Poke Company. Born and raised in Hawaii, Graham is looking forward to bringing superior Hawaiian poke to Flushing.


The building features a bold yet elegant exterior that enhances its urban surroundings with a distinctive street presence. The structure is comprised of office condominiums, valet parking space and 147,000 square feet of retail space; including 58,200 square feet of entertainment and dining areas. Interior designer Dan Mazzarini and his team at BHDM Design worked closely with the development team to design Queens Crossing’s food hall, the heart of the development. Lee wanted the space to serve Flushing’s two distinct populations — professionals working and living in Flushing, and a younger, international and food-savvy generation seeking out exceptional Asian cuisine. However, the unifying trend among both groups of Asian-Americans is a sense of pride towards the development, the cultures it showcases, and the innovative changes the neighborhood has seen recently. While many of the purveyors within the food court offer a variety of cuisines, the team at BHDM wanted to build-in a sense of unity between vendors with certain key design elements. The design team, therefore, sought to elicit the feeling of community by channeling a modern forest into the concept of the design. Structural columns are clad in natural finishes, wood tile floors fill the space and a palette of black, white, birch and green appear throughout. Two accent walls transport patrons to the forest, with a living wall covered in preserved plants and moss and a corresponding wall covered in a printed, floral graphic. Undulating overhead lighting, a custom birch log chandelier and birch & black furniture create a welcoming, pleasant and comfortable space.


The diverse list of purveyors featured at Queens Crossing includes favorites such as Paris Baguette, but the exports from around the world make it a destination for Flushing residents and diners looking for unique and authentic experiences. The new food court purveyors include the following:

Curry Bo embraces Japan’s classic comfort food, curry! Led by renowned Japanese Chef, Takanori Akiyama, his masterpiece curry dishes feature Chef’s famous roux, which is aged for two weeks to enhance the depth of flavor.


Young Street Poke Co. is also led by Hawaii native and restauranteur, Natalie Graham, offers pure and superb Hawaiian poke. Specializing in poke don or poke bowls, Young Street offers customizable don’s with a selection of the highest quality grains, fish, vegetables and sauces.


Happy Lemon offers the finest Taiwanese bubble tea, cheese-enriched smoothies and custom drinks. Founded in 2006, Happy Lemon has locations in over 100 cities around the world.


Wonjo Tofu House offers “home-style” Korean cuisine such as signature soon tofu pot, seafood pancake, Korean spicy fried rice cake, fish cake, beef soup, and bibimbap rice. Their daily special lunch box with four traditional Korean side dishes is also a valuable choice.


Ok Lah prepares seasonal food focused on Southeast Asian flavors. The idea is serve the guests: a base, a lean protein and 2 sides of vegetables. All of which will feature Southeast Asian profiles.


Queens Crossing
136-17 39th Ave, Flushing, 
NY 11354
(718) 713-0880

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