The Fragrance of Passion–Madame Butterfly

Inspired by Puccini’s opera, “Madame Butterfly” eau de parfum candle is made in France. The luxurious blend of Lily of the Valley, Anise, Vanilla, Jasmine, Green Leaf, and White Musk com­poses a scent that is sensual and compelling. The intoxicating fragrance lingers in the room creating an ambiance of romance and seduction.

Christopher Ong, Manhattan lifestyle designer, creates luxury interiors for international clientele. Ong’s East-meets-West aesthetic drew him to Bloom, which features Asian Zen decor and caters to A-List celebrities in NYC. Kimberly Perrone, owner of Bloom, is fond of the exotic sensuality of dark Valentine’s floral arrangements.

Flowers and candles are among the most romantic of gifts. Don’t forget your beloved on Valentine’s Day! This limited edition candle is available exclusively at Bloom 541 Lexington Ave/ 50th ST, NYC 212-832-8094.