By Teresa Koh 

Photograph by Mireya Acierto


In our digitized economy, where e-commerce is king anything and everything is taken online, Many brick and mortar stores don’t survive. The retail industry has been struggling the last couple of years to find creative ways to engage their audience and get them into the stores. By taking full advantage of the physical space, and the tangibility of products, we can give customers an in store experience that the digital e-commerce cannot provide.

In-store experience

We target our consumers thru in-store engagements and experiences they can’t get online. We do this thru curated learning experiences i.e Candle/Perfume making workshops, sponsored events, and other events that will invite guests to engage with the brand on a cultural level. This creates a shopping experience that is fun, and engaging, and becomes more than just shopping for furniture.


With such a large selection of products comes perks it offers. Our furniture is high quality and at a price point that is reasonable and affordable. We offer quick ship which guarantees fast deliver and customization catered for customers with their unique lifestyles and preferences. Regular sales and campaigns allows us to constantly have a competitive edge against other competing brands.


With many brands housed under one roof, we have a large selection of options for our customers to choose from. With showrooms that are spacious and well designed, our knowledgeable sales designers will help pick the best products for your space and needs.


Making use of the latest trends in technology, and social media, we are able to engage better with our customers thru platforms like Instagram, Yelp, and google businesses.

Additionally, with fast turn-around in the New York real estate market, we have access to the most updated floorplans for every building in NYC – which allows us to better serve our customer’s needs.

Human connection

Sales and retail is all about the human connection. While we offer in-home consultations to understand our client’s space, Engaging with customers and asking questions about their lifestyle needs, and preferences will help you better understand what they are looking for. It is a two-way relationship that requires both the engagement of the designer and their client. By being genuinely interested in their lives, you are able to build a relationship that is more than just about furniture.