The Heart of Asian Fashion in New York Highlights from the 2014 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

The Heart of Asian Fashion

in New York Highlights

from the 2014 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

By Jim Yuan Zhou


Vivienne Tam
Green T-neck dress with anthemia sancai print with brown pump

New York Fall 2014 Fashion Show should be very proud of this year’s collection, because every show was a passionate champion for fashion and style! In addition, a significant percentage of designers came from Asia. This is a direct result of a reorganization of Asian consumers’ purchasing power as well as their cultural influence. While most western designers focus their attention on the textiles, and patterns, Asian designers take their inspiration from their culture background, finding expression of timeless femininity through historical heritage. Given their personal ties to Asia, and their ability to symbolize that ethnic identity through their collection, they are, on their own terms, a success.

Vivienne Tam 

Vivienne Tam steps 2014 Spring 45 into an opportune time by teaming up with Wechat, a popular mobile application in China with approximately 400 million users, so If you dream of becoming her model in her next runway show in September, or want to win front row seats to her show, download Wechat now and add VTAMfashion! Bringing technology back to the fashion shows is also bringing fashion into the public. Giving dreams an opportunity to walk down the runway has made a great deal of progress in the fashion industry.

Overall, her fall 2014 collection pays homage to her Chinese heritage, – Dunhuang, the gateway to the west, the heart of the Silk roads. It celebrates the beauty of the cave murals through digital prints and finding expression of timeless femininity through embroidery and sheer lace.

Naeem Kahn 

Naeem Kahn’s brilliant exhibition at New York Fashion Week was themed ‘Decadent boudoir’! It is all red carpet ready, and it belongs to all A-list celebrities! It is a passage to style and characterization. As one of the most anticipated shows in New York Fashion, his show is just never disappointing! Beneath all the garments is the existence of emotion, dispensing with power through luxuriant textiles and silhouettes. Watching his show is like reading E.M Forster ‘s ‘Passage to India’, full of story and wonder. His collection comes from elements from the boudoir, together with soft floral patterns, geometric honeycomb embroidery, and leopard prints, this collection brings out the sexy, confidant side of the cabaret. His show is filled with many different sides of dreamy and a bit darkish, but breathtakingly beautiful and shining.

Naeem Kahn Gold all over honecomb beaded column gown with crystal trim
Naeem Kahn
Gold horizontal miuki beaded gown with ¾ length sleeve

Lee Jean Youn: 

One of my favorite shows at New York Fashion Week, it is just a “wow” type show. Though born in South Korea, his fall 2014 collection was inspired from everyday modern women on the streets of New York City. Lee called his fall collection “ a modern rebel”, as it attempts to break the conventional rules, which results in an “oriental punk” style and mood. Using a specialized needle punch technique, mixing a silk organza and wool pelt mix, this collection is a modern take on women who cherish the unconventional, wild side of their personality.

Lee Jean Youn
Black and white doubled faced cashmere
long scarf coat with leather neck piece Black leather bra top and bikini

Zang Toi: 

Known for his bold, opulent, and dramatic pieces with a hint of the powerful side of women, Toi creates a mysterious yet timeless collection. This Fall 2014 Shanghai 1930’s Collection of Toi’s is mesmerizing. The use of jade green echoes the year of the horse…and green is supposed to be the lucky color this year!

Toi’s wonderful journey into the past is well captured in the show’s finale with his Empress coat, absolutely amazing and wonderful all at the same time!

Zang Toi
Black silk gazer Empress coat with hand-beaded brilliant jade art deco skyline lining, black silk gazer column gown with brilliant jade art deco choker.
Photo by George Chinsee