The Korean Dish: Food Delish!

The Korean dish: Soon Tufu


Tofu is one of the most popular foods in Asia. Koreans are tofu afficionados. One of the most popular Korean dishes is soon tofu-a thick soup made of tofu. Soup is at the heart of the dish. Every soon tofu restaurant has its own unique recipe. Also important is the quality of the tofu. The best tofu are silky and smooth, and melts on the tongue before the soy flavor dissolves in the mouth. Before eating it, add a raw egg into the broth- you will enjoy the explosion of flavors!

In early spring, when it’s still chilly outside, Korean style soon tofu is a popular choice for a personal meal. A boiled hot pot would not only warm up the body, but also the mind. Enjoyed alone, soon tofu along with several side dishes completes a private feast.

So Kong Dong Restaurant

130 Main St
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
Phone: (201) 242-0026

So Kong Dong Restaurant is located in Fort Lee, a large Korean community in New Jersey, specializing in soon tofu. This restaurant is so popular that you will often find lots of people waiting outside for its amazing soon tofu. Like other soon tofu specialty restaurants, So Kong Dong provides a variety of ingredients like kimchi, seafood, beef, and soy paste. It can satisfy many different tastes. The popular secret key is quality of its ingredients and soup. The seafood soon tofu is popular for its combination of spicy, fresh oysters and soy flavor rolling on the tongue all at once. Another notable dish is Korean style BBQ short beef. Although So Kong Dong only provides a few side dishes with brisk and different service, it is still worth the drive for its famous soon tofu.

Cho Dang Gol

55 W 35th St New York, NY 10001
Phone: (347) 748-1142

Cho Dang Gol is three blocks away from Manhattan’s Korean town. Stepping into Cho Dang Gol, you can find two tofu specialist making fresh tofu daily in the back. The soy flavor of the tofu here is rich, firm and full, in contrast to most other restaurants where the tofu is silky and soft. Cho Dang Gol’s signature tofu is more chewable and absorbs more soup due to its honeycomb-like texture. Besides soon tofu, Cho Dang Gol provides a variety of Korean style dishes. Even if you are not a tofu lover, Cho Dang Gol will warm your heart.

Paris Baguette


Paris Baguette offers the finest quality breads, pastries and cakes baked fresh from the oven. Our breads, pastries and cakes represent our conviction in serving only the very best from the freshest ingredients. They are a simple pleasure, honest and genuine. They are a life story told over dinner.

At Paris Baguette, they continually exert their best effort in improving the quality of their products. They believe that to be the best, one need provide the best. Bakers at Paris Baguette come from a wide spectrum of experiences and backgrounds. Great lengths are taken to ensure that their bakers maintain the very best standard of quality and consistency.

One of the great competitive advantages of Paris Baguette is the emphasis they place on their Brand Management Philosophy. This philosophy focuses on educating their employees with offering the highest quality products with the best customer service. They strive to provide a wonderful experience for their patrons that will hopefully make the Paris Baguette brand one synonymous with excellence in baking and service.


Paris Baguette first began in 1988 at a single location and has grown to become the No. 1 franchised bakery in Korea. They currently operate over 1,700 locations in three different countries and have maintained a history of setting new records and redefining industry standards.

Their unique name is a result of fusing elements of Asian and French baking. 1992 marked the grand opening of the very first Korean-French Institute of Baking. Paris Baguette’s R&D department continually paves the way for new innovations that can be found in the ever changing 100 items that each bakery carries.

Throughout Paris Baguette’s rich 20 year history they have set the benchmark for ideas and adapting to changing trends. They gauge their success not only with maintaining what has worked before, but what will propel them to stay on the cutting edge and innovative.
Worldwide, Paris Baguette currently operates 30 locations in China, as well as 10 in the United States. With an aggressive expansion plan, Paris Baguette hopes to cement itself within the American landscape as a household brand. Their assortment of baked goods represents their conviction in serving only the very best from the freshest ingredients.