The Magic of Three – Mulan Modern Asian Cuisine Mudan Banquet Hall & Mudan Celebration Center

By Kiat-Sing Teo

The magic of three expresses itself with Mulan Modern Asian Cuisine, Mudan Banquet Hall and Mudan Celebration Center, all within close proximity of each other. As Claire Tso, PR manager and spokesperson to this threefold entity clears up the air, we begin to understand how they work together and separately to make all matters of wine and dine a cause for joy and a celebration of life.

Mulan Modern Asian Cuisine is an elegant, sophisticated Asian restaurant with a chic, classy interior and a menu to match. Conducive during the day for a business lunch meeting or a leisurely meeting up between friends, this restaurant transforms into a romantic getaway in the evening and becomes a suitable venue for winding down. A choice location for small-to-medium size celebrations and events, the space can be rearranged to fit up to 170 people, leaving room for a dance floor inside a slightly elevated platform playfully enhanced with water curtains. Possibly a poster child for harmoniously blending western elements with eastern roots, Mulan Modern Asian Cuisine also offers exclusive VIP rooms that can serve multi-purposes. These private rooms can be used as a bridal changing room in the event of a wedding banquet or for the tea ceremony, a necessary part of every Chinese wedding.

Mudan Banquet Hall is spacious enough to accommodate at least 350 people and is an ideal venue for celebrations and events of a larger scale. Besides excellent Asian cuisine and quality service, the venue offers a potential to be transformed into whatever the occasion calls for in terms of decoration. Mudan Banquet Hall has its own kitchen. Its exquisite menu of traditional Chinese food and a fusion of international influences is also available for catering to off-site engagements.


Mudan Celebration Center Understands Your Wedding Needs

At Mudan Celebration Center, the customer’s satisfaction always comes first. Mudan Celebration Center understands how much your special day means to you. That is why they will customize your wedding and create a unique and memorable celebration together with you. More importantly, they strive to do it all within your budget.

Tapping into Mudan’s experience at wedding planning and their lists of vendor suggestions, Mudan has creative ways to bring your perfect wedding dream to life. From the wedding gown, to make-up, flowers and cake, to invitations, limousine service, hall decorations, entertainment and wedding favors, you can be confident that your wedding at Mudan will be smooth, romantic and to your satisfaction.

Mudan offers their expertise to bridge between cultures and generations, and finds a perfect balance of wedding elements so that your loved ones and close friends will enjoy the intimacy of your wedding. At Mudan Celebration Center, they understand the culture of the Asian community and the preferences of different generations. For instance, beginning with the menu, if you so wish, Mudan can suggest a Mulan menu of appetizers – an open bar and/or a good combination of East and West hors d’oeuvres including the widely popular Mulan steak, crabcakes, salad, five spiced beef cake, and foie gras terrine with berry compot – to tantalize the taste buds before a proper sit-down dinner portioned out by their professional servers at a serving station by each table. Mudan aims to preserve the dignity and elegant atmosphere of your wedding so that you and your guests will feel thoroughly pampered throughout the evening. Mudan will also work with you in just about any venue you choose for your special day.

Besides in-person consultation, Mudan also engages in effective communications via e-mail and other methods, so that they can take the hassle of event planning off your shoulders and you can enjoy your wedding day to the fullest.

After you enter into happily ever after, Mudan Celebration Center will still be faithfully available to you for other events, such as planning anniversaries, gatherings and reunions. Contact them today for more information.

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