The Mission of a Healer

By Mei-Yu Lee


My parents are devout Buddhists who often visit temples to pray for God to guide them throughout their life. Having grown up in this environment, I too believe that God will aid me whenever I’m lost. For that reason, the thought of visiting a fortu­neteller, a psychic reader, or anyone who claims to foresee the future, never crossed my mind. It wasn’t until I interviewed Ester Cee, a psychic healer in Manhattan, who uses personalized herbs and tonics to remove bad luck, that my disbelief in fortunetelling changed.

I met Ester Cee at her home office in down­town Manhattan. It was a freezing day and I had to layer myself up. Cee, blonde and five-foot one-inch tall, welcomed me at the front door with her soft voice and a warm, big smile. The candles lighting her 500-square-foot office, and a relaxing scent of exotic fruits comforts everyone who steps into her office.

According to Cee, her grandmother, whose name is also Ester, was a natural-born healer. People all around the world went to her grand­mother to seek solutions and healing for their souls and bodies. Young Cee lived with her grandmother until the age of eight and would often witness how her grandmother healed those who were troubled.

Cee’s healing gift was passed down from her grandmother, but not discovered till she was in 4th grade. At that point, she quit school for home-schooling. One night, Cee dreamed of her then-deceased grandmother saying: “Ester, our gift is not for you, but for everyone.” After that night, Cee decided to dedicate herself to helping those in need by guiding them down the right path.

Cee broadened her horizons by spending six years studying healing, spiritual and intuitive techniques in the Philippines, the Netherlands, and even at the Buddhist monasteries of Tibet. She learned how to use herbs to heal pa­tients in the Philippines and witnessed how monks prepared themselves to heal people, a process she described as “unbelievably amazing.”

She did eventually bring what she learned in the Eastern world back to America. She helps those who have relationship or financial issues, those who are uncertain about their career, and those who are sick. “I can tell what troubles a person just by speaking to him or her through phone,” said Cee.

Cee talks to her patients by giving them sug­gestions, and at times, treatments. Her services include psychic readings, past life regression, dream interpretation, picture reading, and healing, among others. According to Cee, a lot of problems in our lives are caused by negative energy. “I can help people undo any kind of bad luck, bad karma, or family curse that may be blocking their efforts to live a peaceful life,” she said.

Because of her positive reputation, Cee has been receiving more and more patients. She has even received invitations to speak in radio and TV shows. Among her patrons, you can even find some celebrities, although she refused to reveal any names due to her pledge of confiden­tiality. During our interview, her phone never stopped ringing, but Cee said of this, “I am busy but I’m never too busy for my patients.”

Before I left, she told me to come back to see her again — for a consultation, not an interview. I felt that very moment that she could see right through me, from the very way she spoke to me to those sincere, deep eyes.