The Modern Asian Bakery –Iris Tea and Bakery

By Sanique Lim

The first time I entered this shop was because of the alluring aroma of fresh bread that I sensed outside on the street. Located on the corner of Roosevelt Avenue and Prince Street in Flushing, Iris Tea Bakery introduces itself with its unique Taiwanese and Japanese style baking. Iris Tea and Bakery pledges to provide its customers with the utmost quality ingredients, assuring that every bite is filled with fresh flavors and a delicious taste.

Regular customers undoubtedly would know, but one does not simply buy just one bread and walk out the store. Once eaten, and soon you will crave another. But don’t delay… Iris’ breads sell out quickly! Iris attentively selects all its ingredients for all its products; importing most from Taiwan and Japan, ensuring there are no chemicals or preservatives used. No one would ever find any bread that looks the same the next day; it has either sold out, or been disposed of. Iris uses almost all natural ingredients (including several organic products) and low sugar in its products; ingredient labels can easily be found on every item.

One of the most popular items, Trunk Bread, is indeed the hands-down favorite, especially for its regular customers. Shaped like a cylinder (that looks exactly like a tree trunk), with a cracked burnt tinge that creates a crispy layer, it further surprises you to find the soft texture inside that tastes like honey with a subtle sweetness.

Iris is promoting health consciousness in all their products; the ingredients used are strictly controlled and emphasizes ethical production methods. Iris Tea and Bakery’s staff is fully trained to provide the very best service to its customers.