The New Luxury

Something Chic,

Classy & Fun

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photographer Ention Sulo

stylist : Daniele Caravello

make up : Jessica Scuteri

hair style : Roberta Zuterni

model : Patty / Img models Milano

By / Pierluigi Fasolo

     Flowing, light and enchanting.

The concept of luxury is no longer an affectation that is artificial or exaggerated, but a deliberate choice of careful individual items and original details, combined with more neutral pieces, suitable to emphasize the impact of a garment’s main optical eccentricity.

    Block-printed and dyed to intrusively create interludes with neutral colors that act as a reflective mirror.

    Everything is illuminated and amplified. The colors radiate from the clothes by increasing the presence of the female figure.

Lace and transparencies follow the curves of the body becoming a temporary precious decoration.

    Mid-hugging body contours with long-haired fur, embellished with semi-precious stones are expressing a wild femininity and determined look.

    Sweaters and sweatshirts printed with tiger fur wrap, protecting the delicate body and attentively cared for.

    Meters of fabric are used to make clothing look more fluid, which disfigures the human form in motion, making it look like an aquatic creature that moves gently in the deep sea.

     Blocks of colors for accessories, complement the clothes.

     Long jeweled pendants, that infinitely wrap the neck over and over again.

     The concept of Mondrian is absorbed and re-proposed in a contemporary key.

No longer the primary colors, but a tableau material and optical look that is both promiscuous and charming, revealing the deeper side of the woman.

    That’s what the new luxury shows; the most hidden and recondite of the self through clothing that triggers a sensory affinity that helps explode your personality.