The Sartorialist for KIA

The Sartorialist  for KIA 01

Recently KIA launched a commercial for their K7 car starring yours truly.
The famous fashion street photographer & blogger Scott Schuman took a TV commercial as a main model.


Scott Shuman widely known as a street fashion photographer, also the creator of the blog “the Sartorialist” was chosen as the spokesmodel for Korea’s 2013 Kia K7 ad campaign. The campaign’s main concept is that as “the Sartorialist” is doing his usual routine of roaming around the streets of New York City looking for well dressed people that catch his eyes. As Scott passes through the streets of Soho, instead of finding a well dressed person, he finds the Kia K7 instantly draws him to start shooting the car.

The shoot for the ad campaign was scheduled to happen on October 18th and 19th of 2012. But because of the devastating hurricane Sandy, the shoot was delayed for a week, putting the staff that travelled overseas to New York City from Korea, me Scott Jung the photographer of the ad campaign, and the model Scott Shuman on hold for over a week. Due to the delay the filming of the tv spot and the shoot for the print ads were done on the same day, resulting in a very tight schedule. Being in this situation Scott Shuman never complained and made the whole staff comfortable enough to enjoy the shoot.

Having to capture images of the world wide known photographer Scott Schuman I pressured to do my best. But as Scott made me comfortable with his wit and jokes I was able to capture my best shot. Even though Scott is a photographer I was able to shoot him as well as I would with a professional model.

In the end, even after the delay the director and the clients were very happy with the final images. Not to mention that I am very happy with the shots, and hope to have another chance to work with Scott Shuman again.

Soulgrapher : Scott Jung

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