Three Asian Models Expose Their Dreams of Flying

By Vita Kuo

Winter is over, so Spring can’t be far behind. What are your plans for this upcoming beautiful season? Taking that trip to Asia that you’ve always wanted would be a great idea! Come fly with Asian Fusion Magazine and three beautiful Asian flight attendants. Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seat belt. Our plane is about to take off!

Like many Asian girls, our first model, YiLin Hsu dreamed of being a flight attendant when she was a child. “They are beautiful and elegant. Moreover, they get to travel around to many countries. I really hoped I could be one of them when I was young.” In fact, as one of the top Asian models in New York, Yilin has plenty of chances to travel around different countries for work. “Although I am not a flight attendant, I still can visit a lot of countries.

Itis like a dream come true!” This spring, Yilin will take a trip to Asia. She decided to visit Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and her hometown, Taiwan. “Japan and Hong Kong are a paradise for shopping. And then, I will go to Taiwan and Malaysia to visit my friend and most importantly—eat a lot of delicious food! I am really looking forward to traveling to Asia.”

In addition to Yilin, model Danni Wong also joined Asian Fusion Magazine for our photo shoot. She felt very excited about this theme. “Last Halloween, I dressed up as a flight attendant. It was a really fun experience.” Born in Shenyang, China, Danni moved to New York at the age of thirteen.

In 2010, she began her acting and modeling career with several television, film roles and commercial prints. Last year, she was placed first runner-up in the 2011 Miss New York Chinese Beauty Pageant. Danni definitely is a rising star in the modeling and acting industry. “I really like acting. Being a successful Asian actress in New York or Hollywood is my ultimate goal.” When we asked her opinion about the best destination in Asia, she recommended Beijing and Shanghai.

“Beijing has national historical significance and traditional Chinese cuisine. And Shanghai is a dynamic city that oozes an atmosphere of modernity and vitality. You absolutely can’t miss either of them when you travel to Asia.” Katie Mory is our third model. With a first look at her face, it is hard to tell where she is from. Katie is a mixed-blood beauty, as her father is French and her mother is Chinese. To dress up as the flight attendant, she told us she really enjoyed it. “Everyone did a fabu- lously excellent job today. I had so much fun.” During the photo shoot, she told us she would travel to China in October for two months. “I feel excited about it. I haven’t been to Asia before. It is my first time. ” In addition to going sightseeing and enjoying traditional cuisines in China, she would like to see some Asian movies or performances. Stephen Chow (Sing-Chi Chow) is her favorite Asian movie actor. His movie inspired her to travel to Asia very much. “I can’t wait to travel to China. I will have a wonderful time there for sure!”

So, are you ready? Welcome aboard! Let’s travel to Asia