Tiger Huang and Xiao Huang Chi’s alternative concert at Caesar’s Atlantic City

Tiger Huang and Xiao Huang Chi’s

alternative concert at Caesar’s Atlantic City



Tiger Huang and her singing “partner” Xiao Huang  Chi recently performed to a sold out crowd at Caesar’s Atlantic City. This concert follows their many highly acclaimed full performances since 2011,Tiger Huang and Xiao Huang  Chi’s “Not So Simple” world tour played to enthusiastic audiences in Hong Kong, United States, Singapore, Beijing, Macao and other major cities.

Acclaimed as the “Queen of Pubs” in Taiwan with her unique deep voice and soulful style, veteran songstress Tiger Huang , teams up with renowned Taiwanese singer-songwriter Xiao Huang  Chi, for their “Not So Simple” concert in Atlantic City . The talented pair melds their voices and style – one deep and soulful, the other emotive and lyrical – and electrified the audience on concert night.

Tiger Huang’s music ranged from upbeat and eclectic to soul-stirring. Xiao Huang-Chi’s was both rhythmic and energetic, but also stirred the listener’s soul and touched a deep emotional chord. Their combined chemistry and charisma on stage is unmistakeable.Tiger Huang became a household name in Asia in the 1990s with the release of her album “More Than Friends.”  She has won Best New Idol and Best Recording in Taiwan. Her song “Not That Simple” composed by Xiao, won Best Top 10 KTV Songs in 2010.  Xiao Huang Chi was nominated for a Golden Melody Award for Best Composer for his 2002 album “You Are My Eyes”.  His 2011 song “Last Train” continues to be a top Karaoke hit.

Tiger Huang and Xiao Huang  Chi are very sympathetic.  They are two of the most moving and forceful great voices.  They frequently appeared on the stage together throughout the concert.  It truly was an evening that exceeded all expectations, as evidenced by the standing ovation that came at the end of the concert, and lasted for what seemed like a very long time.

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