Tiger lily

photo: Ention Sulo

stylist: Daniele Caravello

make-up: Matteo Bartolini

hair style: Roberto Mambretti

model: Aska Ishiguro fashionmodel Milano


Red, a color from a wide variety of facets can make a path of mutation and the training material arrives at work on the inner silence. Seductive and intriguing can take the form of lace and clothe the body creating a veiled playful “can’t see” feel. The body and its forms are hidden. You can see, imagine, but not grasp altogether. The character of the woman with the most powerful weapon of seduction that possesses, the face, detracts from craving physical investigation of interlocutors.  Only she will decide whether to show someone her body.

titolo-1 itolo-1

Warm and enveloping.

A Soft Armor covers the body by hiding.  A modern Golden Fleece that instills confidence and boldness.  An act deep, intimate and healing that aims to eradicate all doubt and insecurity.

Happiness, wealth, good-luck charm.

The peace obtained and boldness have allowed the achievement of its objectives. Satisfaction and success in each field lead to the obtainment of new wealth that transcend materiality, ephemeral and granted.

Blood, life, aggression. 

This mutable color has been ingested and now flows in the veins radiating the human body.  The resulting force makes for an aggressive woman, aware of her abilities, decided.  She no longer needs to wear red because it is inside her.  On her skin are clothes that show the vital impulse that they emerge more hidden instincts now tamed for new purposes and positive goals.

IMG_137123 IMG_1501

The blood is blossoming florals on fabrics used for skirts and coats.  Life is blossoming from the darkness that pervades the garment.

The woman, now generating passion, already carries life, becoming the vehicle to drive her ambitions.

Large, heavy items, yet with increasing fluidity, lets the female figure move about without hiding its delicacy.

Simple cuts and neutral shades combine to complete the look.  Add leather and fur to infuse grit, determination and a touch of intimidation that breaks down the walls of stereotypes.  Aggression and the weight of these items must be paired with clean and essential clothing.  The objective is to dominate, but always in moderation and good taste.

And finally gold.

IMG_1466 IMG_1375_MG_1674 _MG_1615

Gold to illuminate, to shine and accentuate.

The color gold returns overwhelmingly to reward the efforts of the modern woman hungry for satisfaction.