Timmy Thok

By Ching Yu Lin

Timmy Thok is Cambodian and Thai. His mom was a Cambodian refugee and his dad was a Thai soldier. Timmy was born in Thailand in 1988 during the Khmer Rouge War and life was pretty scaryfor him. His family was caught in the middle of war and escaped to America (Boston) when he was one year old.

In Boston there is a huge Asian population ranking second Cambodian count second to Long Beach, CA. Timmy was always into sports and being a class clown. He loved entertaining people and being the center of attention. Kids in the neighborhood were always active. They would put up talent shows in the community and Timmy would participate every year. He learned how to dance and build charactor by being around the other kids.

Timmy was a child model, actor and dancer and got represented by Dynasty Models and Talent agency in Boston. In school, he had his own TV show called Final Cut. He was also track and field Captain and Senior Class President. Right after high school Timmy went to a small community college to save money because he knew he wanted to move to NYC.

Timmy quit his job at the farm and with $500 in his pocket, moved to NYC and lived with a number of crazy roommates and landlords. He learned how to hustle the New York way and somehow got a job as a Wall Street Burger Delivery boy.

He later got a job as a server and bartender in Times Sq. and it completely changed his life. Timmy learned how to network, and deal with people. He realized that knowing the right people would get him the right entertainment jobs… and it really did! He gets invited to fashion week every season, goes to a lot of red carpet events, and even gets small hosting jobs at venues interviewing celebrities.

Everywhere he goes, Timmy always brings his business cards with him, in the hopes of scoring something big. He is currently represented by one of the biggest talent agencies in the world, CESD, and modeling in print ads such as Italian Vogue, Adidas, Target and World and even video games. He’s been dancing in some of the coolest music videos from bands such as “Just Visiting” and doing movies like Precious. Since he’s a very expressive individual, he’s always blogging and putting his business online so he’s pretty popular on the internet.

He’s very proud and strong, and wants to be a powerful Asian role model. Timmy takes care of his health by going to the gym five times a week and always tries to balance a good party life with his social and work life. His next career move is to land a key role in a major film, or land an amazing modeling campaign somewhere where people will recognize him even more. One day Timmy hopes to be able to prove to his parents that he may not be the lawyer or doctor they wanted him to be, but he’ll be doing what he loves in the entertainment industry; whether it’s acting, MEET THAI MODEL modeling, dancing, or all three!