Tina Choice, the New Asian face of beauty rocks the runway

 Tina Choice, the New Asian face of beauty rocks the runway!



Photos by Adam Z. Lein



Tina Choice (born “Jeong-yoon Choi”) is a young twenty-six year old passionate model born in South Korea, hungry for the big city lights in the Big Apple. Enter stage right: NYC Fashion Runway – a company dedicated to assisting emerging and classic designers to do an affordable fashion show in New York City. Working together, the two made the fashion crowd stop and stare at the vision before them.

When she was little, Tina’s only dream was to be a star in New York City. She has modeled for previous shows before, but none so notable an opportunity as NYC Fashion Runway, making headway and supporting emerging fashion. Tina auditioned for the show and immediately got in – that’s the power of looking different and distinctive. Davina Reichman Schuck, the founder and Managing Director of NYC Fashion Runway, said of Tina, “I knew she was a star from the moment I saw her! She had an amazing walk as she strutted down the runway and a look which just screams “fierce!”.

In an industry with traditionally little diversity, even small variations are prominent and eagerly noted. While it has been rare for designers to feature more than two Asian models in a fashion show, quite a few this season, including Michael Kors and Jason Wu at NY Fashion Week in September and Yoonhee & Dhan at NYC Fashion Runway in August used three or more.

“We are showing the diversity of models from every culture” says Davina. “Every model is gorgeous in their own unique way. And especially in NYC, the aim of the game in fashion is to stand out. The unprecedented number of Asian models in just two years comes after American Vogue forecasted the “new wave.” We think it’s about time that Asian models are redefining conventional concepts of beauty!”.

Carl Clarke Aesthetiques, an exclusive beauty partner in fashion shows, especially NYC Fashion Runway, said “We are always delighted to see so many new and interesting models dedicated to beauty and skin health. Our cosmetic skincare and medical aesthetic services puts us at the leading edge of today’s beauty industry for models of all features and skin types, especially beautiful Asian skin. Age is becoming less of a factor in the modeling world”. Congrats to Tina Choice for following her dreams and leading the way for many others!”

Tina says “My opinion is that beauty is defined as what pleasantly exalts the mind or spirit. There is no mold here. Beauty is what breaks the mold or cast.”

City Model and Talent and Castings 4 U have a diverse talent bank. “Four seasons ago, you would be hard pressed to find one show that used even one Asian girl or guy. And now you just wouldn’t have a show without one.” casting director Jacqueline Miller said.

Tina’s advice to the many aspiring models out there is “Don’t give up. It is important to be seen by as many people as possible. It is like the infamous Broadway show, “Phantom of the Opera”, where beauty of art, especially in fashion, was prominent. It was the perfect time in my life to meet NYC Fashion Runway! It is truly an honor to be part of other creative fashion designers’ collections. I hope my journey to fashion will continue with all creators of fashion!”

All photos of Tina modeling Berít New York by Brit Frady-Williams (FIT) in NYC Fashion Runway’s show