By Asian Fusion Editorial Team

Titat Kuantrakul, co-founder and creative director of TITAT, is a brainchild of London College of Fashion. He was born and raised in Bangkok, and finished a bachelor degree in Communication Arts before pursuing his dream in fashion design in BA : Menswear Fashion Design and Technology at LCF.

TITAT is a Bangkok-based menswear brand, founded in 2017. Redefining and re-imagining Asia’s cultural garments into modern menswear designs are the brand’s core aesthetic. All of TITAT’s garments are inspired by the livelihood of the local Thai people. They also work with local craftsmen in Thailand, including weavers, dyers, and embroiderers, to create collections that are 100% made in Thailand.

TITAT was discovered by Asia Fashion Collection as a young designer to showcase at NYFW F/W19, along with six other designers from different countries in Asia.

TITAT F/W19 collection, ‘Hmong-มง’, was named after an ethnic tribal group in northern Thailand. Back in the days, Hmong women passed along their craftsmanship in creating their garments with unique designs and embroidery techniques. Titat’s ancestor’s also lived and worked closely with this tribe.That’s the reason why Titat found one of his passed-away grandmother’s blouse that was made by Hmong. It was a deep indigo blue sleeveless blouse with hundreds of hand-embroidered white-yarn flowers. Amazed and inspired by delicate details, TITAT’s F/W19 collection is a modern interpretation of how Hmong garments might look today. Embroidery details were adapted to suit menswear designs of today. Each embroidered garments are all handmade with more than 40 hours of craftsmanship.