Top 10 Cities to visit in Asia in 2014

Top 10 Cities to visit in Asia in 2014

By Lisa Crawford


With each new year, many of us look to knock some travel items off our bucket list. And as the largest of the seven continents, Asia should be your #1 destination –but where should you go?

Tokyo, Japan– As fast-paced as Tokyo is, most travelers will love the endless amount of activities you can find in Japan’s capital city. From top-rated fashion to tasty sushi– markets, museums and temples are just a few of the places you can enjoy. For an extra special trip, visit Tokyo in December when the night is lit up with illuminating lights. Tokyo is bound to keep the social traveler on his toes.



Bangkok, Thailand– If shopping is your calling, then Bangkok is the place for you. Both modern malls and sidewalk vendors will catch your eye. In addition to spending money on merchandise, the ancient temples, like Wat Arun, will also satisfy your travel desires. Bangkok is the ultimate destination for those seeking an old-world feel with modern amenities.



Beijing, China – As a capital city, Beijing really has it all. From The Great Wall of China to Tiananmen Square, Beijing really showcases China’s political and cultural beauty. For the traveler interested in the arts, theatres such as Lao She Tea House will give you wonderful performances by various celebrities. If you’re looking for a more acrobatic show, the Chaoyang Theatre is the place for you. Either way, you are sure to see something unique and special in Beijing.



The Maldives– Known as a paradise of crystal clear blue waters, The Maldives are a great place for newlyweds, and anyone looking for a relaxing and luxurious escape. For those looking to experience life under the sea, the Maldives has very high visibility throughout the year. The area also boasts 3,000 coral reefs for divers to explore. If you’d rather stay above water, check out the Maldives various excursions from night fishing to eating and celebrating in the Virgin Islands.



Taipei, Taiwan– The best destination for the foodie in you. Although the cuisine may not look like the beautiful delicacies you would find in Tokyo, you can bet that the taste is second to none. Not only is the food delicious, but also affordable. Once you are there, be sure to ask for Lao Wang, or Beef noodle soup. You won’t be disappointed. After filling your stomach, you may want to celebrate with the locals during one of their famous festivals. If you are heading there in February, be sure not to miss their famous New Taipei City Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival. No matter what time of year you decide to join the party, there will be a festival for you to enjoy.



Hong Kong, China– Are you looking for a more adventurous experience in your travels? Then add Hong Kong to your list. One of China’s more popular cities has mountains you can climb, theme parks to enjoy and skyscrapers that will make your jaw drop. Due to Hong Kong being a British territory up until 1997, travelers will find that the cityscape is something of a British-Chinese Hybrid. It is sure to keep all its visitors in awe of its beauty.


Bali, Indonesia – Award winning Bali has been known for years as “The World’s Best Island” and no wonder it boasts such a title. This island has it all. The gorgeous climate stays sunny throughout the year with colorful flora and fauna to keep your eyes dazzling. Aside from the incredible weather, there are a plethora of museums and sights to keep the busiest of travelers happy.



Seoul, South Korea– The allure of Seoul can be found in both its historic landmarks and burgeoning cityscapes. South Korea’s capital is still holding fast to its heritage while also showcasing its move into the future. With lively night life and large shopping areas, guests can get the feel of a great big city with celebrated palaces only a stones throw away. Seoul truly is a remarkable place to visit.



Shanghai, China– If you are looking for a more cosmopolitan vacation, then traveling to China’s largest city is your best bet. With a futuristic feel, visitors will love spending time in Shanghai’s two districts: Pudong and Puxi. For the fiscal enthusiast in you, Pudong boasts the Shanghai World Financial Center and the Shanghai Stock Exchange. If you are looking for the more historic side, you will enjoy Puxi, or the “West Bank” where you will find a more residential and cultural side of Shanghai. Either way, you are sure to be delighted.



Ho Chin Minh City, Vietnam – As the largest city in Vietnam, Ho Chin Minh City is sure to captivate your senses. The city is full of scenic French colonial architecture. Not only are the buildings a site to see, but you also won’t want to miss the various travel spots. From the Ben Thanh Market to the Mekong Delta, there is something in Ho Chin Minh City for everyone.