Travel in Taiwan

In order to meet the “Travel in Taiwan, is now the publicity plan in the New York office of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau held on November 21 in Taiwan advertisements Times Square began broadcasting a press conference to announce produced by the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan tourism advertisements in Times Square in New York playback of large video wall, and hope that by bringing together the popular New York Times Square, let the world see the beauty, to attract more tourists to visit Taiwan.

Times Square TV wall Taiwan tourism image advertisements from 2012 from the Thanksgiving, has been broadcast to the 2013 New Year’s, New Year’s Eve, 41 days in a row, the tourists from all over the world can appreciate the beauty of Taiwan in Times Square (Times Square). The ads are located in Times Square, the Reuters Building (Thomson Reuters Sign) the Nasdaq tower (Nasdaq Tower) player, 2.5 minutes per hour playback, every 30 seconds. The carefully planned design of two Taiwanese film will be presented in the new animated way, this year’s advertising video elements including Taiwanese folk religion, Hot Springs, Taipei 101, aboriginal, popular tourist attractions and nationality Airlines, Thomson Reuters TV Wall comprehensive revision to high quality screen presents a clearer stereo.Economic and Cultural Office in New York, Ambassador Ko Chun Kwan said foreign tourists to Taiwan for sightseeing to enhance Taiwan’s national image and promote Taiwan’s image advertisements broadcast in Times Square, let Taiwan’s Haoshanhaoshui presents on the world stage, I believe can be foreign tourists from around the world and left a deep impression of “Taiwan”.Sightseeing group Zhangwei Ting Officer Times Square, New York City’s famous tourist attractions, with over one million daily visitors, the volume of passenger traffic up Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year countdown play, but also help build international tourism image. This TV wall on both sides in the Times Square New Year’s Eve crystal ball left and right sides, the exposure excellent location in New York’s Times Square New Year’s Eve countdown activities during the period, in addition to the site millions of viewers can witness Taiwan’s tourism advertisements, through global The live broadcast of major media spread to all over the world, and its additional publicity effect is extraordinary. Taiwan has a great tourist attraction, with the Tourism Bureau launched a series of large-scale tourism activities and marketing programs, now is the best time to travel to Taiwan.Taiwan has a rich natural landscape, cuisine, culture and human touch, rich cultural festivals throughout the year there, in 2013 Taiwan Tourism Bureau “Taiwan tourism Almanac”, the annual Taiwan Lantern Festival will be held 2/24 to 3/10 debut, Come play Taiwan Tourism Promotion Ambassador, to jointly promote Taiwan tourism, travel information and incentives to major travel agencies in New York or the Taiwan Tourism Bureau website or