Truly An Asian Adventure — Malaysia in 2010


If you haven’t already had the pleasure of checking out this incredible Southeast Asian paradise, then you don’t know what you’re missing! Be it sightseeing amongst charming centuries-old colonial buildings, taking in the spectacular cityscape high above the clouds, div­ing in some of the most bio-diverse waters in the world, teeing off in an array of lush, green golf resorts and courses, or feasting on what many consider to be Asia’s finest cuisine — there’s always something exciting to see and do in Malaysia. No other country is “Truly Asia” like Malaysia.


Visiting KL is absolutely an experience of a lifetime, with a variety of exciting entertainment and cultural attractions that make this city so appealing for tourists. As Malaysia’s capital and largest city, this thriving metropolis is bursting with amazing things to see and do. The follow­ing is just a taste of what KL has to offer:

Sightseeing & Attractions

Take a stroll to Merdeka Square: the colonial center and site of Malaysian independence or “Merdeka,”(officially declared in 1957). Even today, visitors can marvel at the 100-meter high flagpole that proudly flies the Malaysian flag.

Towering at more than 450 meters above the city, the Petronas Twin Towers are the world’s tallest twin buildings. These gleaming struc­tures of steel and glass are truly an awesome sight during the day and simply magnificent by night. Visitors will be blown away by the breathtaking bird’s-eye view of Kuala Lumpur from the observation deck of the towers, where the 1999 Hollywood film Entrapment was filmed.

Shopping & Nightlife

If shopping for knickknacks and one-of-a kind novelty items is what you seek, then come on down to Central Market: an impressive representation of Art Deco architecture from the 1930s, that originally served as a wet market for fresh produce. This shopping and crafts center has also been classified as a Heritage Site by the Malaysia Heritage Society.

KL also offers an exciting nightlife for those looking to “live it up” in the city. Here, there is a wide array of entertain­ment at your fingertips, including live bands, cultural performances, din­ner shows, cabaret, disco and karaoke lounges. Jalan Sultan Ismail and the adjacent Jalan P. Ramlee, located in the city center, have numerous pubs, bars and dance clubs, while the Jalan Telawi area is considered the “happening spot” in the upper-class residential area of Bangsar.

Body & Soul

After a day of strolling the city, pamper your feet and your senses at one of Kuala Lumpur’s many luxurious spa retreats. Visitors can enjoy a relaxing massage and tantalize their senses at a variety of places including Bodhi Sense, Energy Inspired Spa, Imperial Spa, Ozmosis, Thalgo Marine Spa and The Mandara Spa, just to name a few.


In addition to KL, there are a whole host of other hot spots throughout the country that you should be sure to check out during your stay. Here are just a few:


Intriguing legends and nature’s wonders await you in Langkawi. Tourists flock here for the pristine beaches, superb resorts and refreshing nature-based activities. The best beaches include Pantai Cenang, Burau Bay, Pantai Kok and Pantai Datai.


This famous port, and UNESCO historical site is strategically located on the Straits of Malacca, a truly fascinating sight for visitors to see. Old build­ings and traditional trades and crafts make this one of Malaysia’s most visited destinations. Buildings reflect European influences and the city centre is ideal for walking around in.


If eating out is your “thing” (and we’re almost certain it is!), then your taste buds will have a field day in Penang! Touted as the “Pearl of the Orient,” here you will find streets lined with hawker stalls offering an incredible fusion of world eats and amazing local treats. Additionally, Penang’s alluring beaches and old-world charm make it a very popu­lar tourist destination.

Malaysia Borneo

Covering an area of roughly 287,000 square miles, Borneo is the third-largest island in the world where Sabah and Sarawak is located. As one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world, visitors will be enchanted by the abundance of colorful flora and fauna that inhabit this region. Visiting the natural habitats of the wildlife reserves featuring the Orang Utans, proboscis monkeys and pygmy elephants shouldn’t be missed!


Made up of 32 colorful ethnic communities and known as the “Land Below the Wind,” Sabah occupies the eastern half of North Borneo. It is the gateway to eco-adventures like mountain climbing on the summits of Mount Kinabalu (Southeast Asia’s highest peak), whitewater rafting, diving, caving and river cruising.


Fondly named the “Land of the Hornbills”, Sarawak is situated on the Northwestern coast of Borneo with streams of intricate rivers where distinctive ethnic groups still live in riverside “long­houses.” Renowned national parks like Gunung Mulu National Park, named as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites, houses the largest cave pas­sage and natural rock chamber.

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