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Premier Sake & Spirits

by Carrie Hsu

TY KU, the Premier Sake & Spirits Company, produces a premium trusted name in sake and naturally low calorie spirits. Combining all natural ingredients, age-old distillation/brewing techniques, modern flavor profiles and award winning packaging, TY KU believes that ingredients matter and utilizes the finest ingredients on earth for their products.

TY KU’s Sakes are the world’s best tasting, most highly awarded and fastest growing sake portfolio (it was rated by Nielson as the fastest growing sake brand in the US in both 2011 and 2012.) Imported from Japan, the TY KU Sake portfolio has been awarded many accolades, including the most prestigious: the coveted Six Star Diamond Award (AAHS), Double Gold Medal (San Francisco Int’l Wine Competition), Platinum Award (SIP), Platinum/Best in Show (World Wine Competition), and the HOT, NEW, NOW Award (WSWA).


On the forefront of bringing Asian spirits stateside, TY KU has made it their mission to educate American consumers on the history and traditions of these spirits and incorporate them into mainstream American cocktail culture. TY KU’s sakes combine the purest all-natural ingredients with no added sugars, preservatives, are free of gluten and sulfites and represents the top 5-15% grades of sakes with their Junmai to Junmai Daiginjo sakes.

The company has recently launched the brand’s first ever TV advertising campaign called “Share On” developed by and featuring brand co-owner, Grammy Award-Winning artist, CeeLo Green.  Not only does this mark TY KU’s first ever 360 multi-media advertising campaign including TV spots, but is the first sake brand ever to launch nationally televised commercials and invest millions in the media in the U.S.  Share On is inspired by the Japanese tradition of never pouring your own sake—you pour/share with your friends and loved ones, and they do the same for you as a sign of friendship and respect.


TY KU’s sake portfolio includes:

TY KU Coconut Nigori – Launched in August 2012, this newest offering from TY KU is a Premium Junmai “cloudy” sake infused with all-natural coconut flavor.

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TY KU Sake Silver – Premium Junmai sake which represents the top 15% of all sakes in the world with an unprecedented value of $15.99 per bottle.

TYKU Sake – Super Premium Junmai Ginjo, (top 10% of sakes) with rice grains polished more than 40% for a light flavor that coats the palette and is gluten free, preservative free and tannin free.

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TYKU White – Ultra Premium Junmai Daiginjo “Crown Jewel” of Sake, (top 5% of sakes) with rice grains hand-polished removing over 50% of impurities.

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