URBAN UNCORKED A Wine Shop in Downtown Brooklyn for Everyone


A Wine Shop in Downtown Brooklyn for Everyone

By Sophia Hsu
Photos by Amit Chaffee


What once housed the exclusive and sparsely stocked wine shop Wright & Goebel is now home to Urban Uncorked, a warm and friendly wine and spirits shop with an incredible selection of local finds, fine wines, and East Asian spirits. Having just opened, the shop still has a lot of plans for the 2,000 square foot space, but first things first, one of the owners, Marissa Tai, bubbly greets several customers by their first names and always makes time for greeting their pets, too. Everyone is welcome at Urban Uncorked, human and animal alike.

Marissa shows me around the space and details the plans they have. First, she points out that all of the display fixtures are modular and mobile. The wine racks are on casters to open the space up for special events, available to rent. I am catching them on inventory day, so temporary signs and labels cover the glittering bottles of spirits. A wall of well-known East Asian spirits showcases sojus, sakes, and gaoliang, probably the only source on this side of Brooklyn. The team behind Urban Uncorked plans to introduce more Asian products as they grow Urban Uncorked. Their enthusiasm for the neighborhood and dedication to detail bring the very best to downtown Brooklyn.


As regular customers come and go, the racks upon racks of wine from far and wide bring a smile to every face that enters. Eyes glaze over at the variety of bottles from Italy, South Africa, Spain, France, and so many more countries. The patrons’ glee is hard to hide. The space has an industrial feel that can be interpreted as cold and even impersonal, but the owners and staff make it feel warm, familiar, and inviting. The shop welcomes everyone to come in, browse, sip, and buy. Tastings are available five days a week at the tasting bar. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and can recommend the right drink for any palate and occasion. If you are ever in need of the perfect hosting gift, take advantage of the collective experience at Urban Uncorked. Find the hard-to-find and unique. Discover something new to you, a new favorite wine or a new flavor you never expected to enjoy.

As we turn the corner in the tour, familiar names of local distilleries come into view. A massive wall of shelving dedicated to the best that local has to offer towers over the onlooker. Urban Uncorked may be globally-minded, but it is still very thoroughly Brooklyn. The shelves scream, “Shop local!” What also feels very Brooklyn? Personalized and customized bottles and glassware made with state-of-the-art laser etching soon to be available at the shop.

Go, see, and experience for yourself. Purchase your favorite bottle of wine at Urban Uncorked and you can enjoy it next door at Jun Shokudo for for a tiny $10 uncorking fee. Keep your receipt and enjoy 10% off your dine-in meal at Jun Shokudo. Follow Urban Uncorked on social media and subscribe to their mailing list on their website www.urbanuncorked.com to be the first to hear about offers and events.


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