Vera Wang: The New Optimist

By Raymond Qi

Everyone knows Vera Wang as the entrepreneur and especially, a bride’s dream designer. But this summer, she also plays the role of an optimist. Her spring/ summer collection sports a fun and relaxed approach to the economy right now, with a sense of minimalism and poetry. Each model walked with light coverage and subtle metallic make up with their hair pulled back, symbolizing the optimism there is to mix and match and play around with the boundaries of color and shape.

Vera Wang describes the woman of her show to be like Niki de Saint Phalle, a prominent and well known French painter and sculptor. Her works are seen as contemporary and colorful in many shapes. They take the form of crazy shapes and colors in weird positions. One of Saint Phalle’s famous works would be “Nana Power”; the canvas contains a vivid use of green and red and floral detail which pretty much sets the mood of Wang’s show, especially in her accessories.

In her fashion show, you can’t help but notice the shiny jewelry pieces of crystals that are flashing right at your eyes. Each piece was sculpted into different shapes and different colors, the clothing can actually appear secondary. However, in Vera Wang’s case, it actually completes the look. The solid black dresses were immediately brought to life with the oversized and structured jewelry like the sleeveless print dress and the oversized turquoise necklace. Following the runway, there were a few black and white printed pieces that were similar to Twiggy’s monochromatic dress back in her mod days. The designs of the huge accessories were extremely sophisticated and well crafted as they almost look like tribal artifacts or stained glass artworks.

Sculptural pieces were not only showcased in her jewelry, but they existed as the dress itself. Several of her dresses were left hanging inflated and wide giving a certain long round shape to woman, in another piece, the look was tied around with a belt defining the dress with an hourglass shape.

Aside from the jewelry, Vera Wang also introduced many knee length dresses, sleeveless tanks, skirts and pants that would be great for the summer. The pieces layered with light, sheer and translucent fabric that adds a serene quality to the piece from the way it flows down the runways. A well perceived outfit from the audience was definitely her forest green floral sleeveless mini dress which testifies Vera’s eye for color and drapery.

In terms of Vera Wang’s Lavender Label, the collection is prep school meets street as the clothing is massively layered under sweaters and more shirts with long patterned skirts, that are paired out with studded bracelets or extremely short shorts adding a certain edge to sophisticated look. Unlike Vera Wang’s collection last year, her pieces this season were shorter and can easily transform from day to night. Oddly, there was no change in the shoulders like other designers, but accessories was heavily loaded which is extremely popular this season. The silhouette used was rather light, minimal, and casual but well crafted which firmly indicates the piece as Vera Wang.