Welcome to Taiwan’s Food Paradise

Welcome to Taiwan’s Food Paradise

By Joe Meny
When it comes to Asian food, one sees a clear emphasis on creating the perfect combination of color, aroma, flavor, and appearance.  Taiwanese food is the perfect example of fusing together cooking techniques from all over China. The Taiwanese have not only mastered traditional Chinese specialties, but have also used traditional techniques to develop new culinary treats.  These unique features attract many tourists to Taiwan.Taiwan Restaurant Recommendations.Din Tai Fung

“A Must-Visit Restaurant in Taipei”


Din Tai Fung is one of those restaurants that should be on every travel itinerary for Taiwan. The food is great, the service is excellent and it’s relatively inexpensive when you consider that it’s been given one Michelin star. The restaurant was founded in Taipei in the 1980s and it’s now famous around the world for it’s perfectly folded xiaolongbao and dumplings. The glass windows allow diners to see how food is made to perfection. The restaurant doesn’t take reservations, so make sure you go a bit early. Things work like clockwork within, with most diners eating and leaving within an hour thanks to the speedy and efficient service.


Shin Yeh

Shin Yeh Restaurants has been serving up a wholesome dining experience to its customers for over thirty years. From its early beginnings, Shin Yeh deeply rooted itself in Taiwanese cuisine, carrying forward traditions that go back many generations. We highly recommend that you try any one of signature dishes, including Fried Rice-noodles, Braised Pork Belly with Bamboo Shoots, or the Superior Cuttlefish with Bamboo Shoots and Mushroom soup.



“Authentic and delicious Taiwanese food in an appealing setting”

The food here is not only authentic but also delicious and made with fresh ingredients. The beef at Yonlin is amazing; but basically every dish from side to main is really amazing. The modern interior design of this Taipei restaurant now makes it even easier to enjoy the tasty dishes. The staff is super friendly, and they speak both English and even Japanese.


Yonlin is one of the few great ones. It is really fresh and healthy, without the typical bad oils, taste enhancers or overly fried ingredients which we often see too often in Taiwan. The beef is really good, the fish is special and vegetarians will also be pleased. Be sure to stop in for a great Taiwan food experience! They are very open and welcoming to the international visitor.


Da Wan BBQ


Best Japanese BBQ in Taipei”

Perhaps a little on the expensive side but Dan Wa is worth every penny. A great place for meat lovers. They have good salads but their beef has their customers raving!! Definitely try Da Wan if your budget allows a person meal (usd70). Recommended: the Kobe platter, beef tongue (thick cut). We strongly suggest you make a reservation.


It is a Japanese-style welcome upon entry, with all waiters male, and look like body-builders.  The main item is beef. Their bbq is spot on and paired with its home-made sauce, it is perfect with a drop of lime. We highly recommend this restaurant if you are looking for quality beef and seafood.


Fuda Shandong Zhengjiao Dawang

“Not just food – this is entertainment”

We like restaurants that give you an experience of the place – this is Taipei food culture through and through. The service is brisk and it is so popular that you will have to queue up. But this is great service – you order in the line, the shouting waitress, puts up colored counters on the magnetic board so the chef can see. While you wait the shouting continues and you can watch the pork dumplings being made – these are an art to eat!  By the time you sit down your food will arrive. This is a place for pork dumplings and they are as good as Din Tai Fung, but this is the real deal and much less expensive.

fuda fuda2

Taiwanese Night Markets

The enormous variety of Taiwanese snacks is unique in the world, demonstrating the important place that the food culture takes in the lives of the Taiwanese people. The island’s night markets are the perfect way to truly experience the mind- boggling array of different Taiwanese food snacks. Famous and unique Taiwanese snacks range from oyster omelets to fried rice noodles, tempura, Tainan Danzai noodles, Taiwanese spring rolls, rice tube pudding, and braised pork rice. Here just some of the many night markets to experience:

The most famous tour night market is the Huaxi Night Market, which attracts both natives and tourists for sightseeing, as well as to experience such food specialities as snake meal and snake wine, salty rice pudding, and fresh water turtle meal.

hx hx2

The Keelung Night Market is known for its pot-edged pancake soup, shaved ice, Tempura, bean noodle thick soup, and shrimp Taiwanese balls.

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If you’re looking to find gourmet snacks, or perhaps some traditional and distinctive Taiwanese snacks from the old days, then be sure to head on over to the Ningxia Night Market.  Some of the many Taiwanese culinary specialties you’ll find here include Oyster Omelets, Mouthbreeder Soup, Pan-Fried Dumplings, Oyster Noodles, and Imperial Guangdong Porridge.  Any of these mouth-watering delights are certain to satisfy your craving for some delicious Taiwanese food.

At the Shilin Night Market, you can enjoy hot stuffed dumplings, little cake wrapped in big cake, sliced noodles, liver soup, and oyster omelets.

shilin2 shilin3

For more information, and for help in planning your visit to Taiwan, be sure to visit: www. http://eng.taiwan.net.tw