When light turns into dark

 When light turns into dark

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A Girl Born in One of the High houses.

Strong, cold and heartless, staying with the last ones beside her.

There is just a place, falling apart.

The beauty of the family’s kingdom is gone.

Speechless moments, in every room, in every part of their bodies.

When light turns into dark, there is just one hope.

Photography & Concept Dominic Packulat

Styling: Swetlana Titow

Make Up: Linda Werner

Hair: Sarah Blescinsky

+ Natalia Soboleva

Assistant: Rocco Herrmann

Location: Engel&Völkers – Berlin Zehlendorf

Models: Erik Nguyen-Thanh

Yannik de Monocerote

Lysann- Mega Models

Su Shien-   Mega Models

Cats: Fussel + Frantic

Thanks to Fam. Dietrich

Sponsoring: Probis Media Solution GmbH Engel&Völkers