Where Traditional meets the Modern Healthy Fast Food–DiDi Dumpling

By Sanique Lim

Ever struggle with what to have for lunch when you desire delicious healthy food but don’t have a lot of time? Do you feel frustrated when you are craving something delicious, health conscious with low calories, but most of the fast food places that inundate your neighborhood don’t really promote a healthy diet? DiDi Dumpling, located right near Baruch College in Midtown, offers the ideal solution for busy New Yorkers.

With no MSG or preservatives, DiDi Dumpling uses only all natural ingredients to deliver one of the healthiest diets in town. DiDi Dumpling strictly emphasizes ethical ingredients to promote fresh and natural food to its customers. Low in sodium, low calories, and low oil usage, DiDi Dumpling assures its customers are enjoying some of the greatest quality food of the day. In fact, you can actually witness the entire handmade process of dumpling making through the window that looks right into the kitchen!

Pot Stickers and Juicy Dumplings, the two different styles of grilled and boiled dumpling, are the most popular items at DiDi Dumpling.
Available in four different options for both, the pork special, beef kimchi, chicken experience, and even a veggie experience for vegetarians, always allows DiDi’s customers the option to combine each together. In addition, the natural and delicious dumplings squirt in your mouth, allowing you to experience the greatest taste and the freshness of their ingredients.

Located in one of the busiest neighborhood near Baruch, at 38 Lexington Ave. in New York City, DiDi Dumpling is the ideal place for a quick and healthy meal with affordable pricing. In addition to their pot stickers and dumplings, DiDi has combo meals that offer a variety of options to their customers. Local free delivery is available with a minimum purchase of $15 or more. Visit Didi’s website at www.dididumpling.com and prepare yourself for a mouth-watering experience with some of the best dumplings in town!