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From home design trends that embrace mindfulness to sumptuous wintery colors and fabrics that warm the soul, there are so many stylish ways to update your home this Fall/Winter season. Here are some decor trends to draw inspiration from, shared by BoConcept’s owner, Niki Cheng

Mindfulness Meets Nature

This trend marries mindfulness’s zen and airy attitude with a cool yet earthy palette. We live in a world with constant noise and distractions, that’s why our homes should aim for simplicity, organization, harmony and sophistication. We need to slow down, be mindful, and pursue a new balance in our surroundings. This style is refined and fresh at the same time with a clear reference to our active, urban lifestyle. Accent colors like nordic blue, cold grey and pastel shades are great new trends to try this Winter along with clean lines with materials like denim, wool, glass, satin and chrome.


Rich Tone-in-Tone

This style is refined, sophisticated, glamorous, clean, serene, symmetrical and organized. Textured materials like wood, animal skins, leather, glass, marble, tweed and silk are used to create this strong look. Base colors are white and shades of grey with minimal accent colors. To be able to create this tone-in-tone look, one must know the power of implementing different kinds of textures and scales using the same shades and tones as the dominant color you choose to exhibit in one single space.

The Bold and the Beautiful

The esthetic of this style is drawn by a strong reference to the Art Deco period with its bold, extravagant and symmetrical patterns and its heavy, rich settings. Mix holiday and seasonal colors like marsala, tea rose, terra-cotta, olive oil, copper, rust, purple, and bordeaux with base colors like white, beige, sand and dark grey. All of these combinations bring purity and authenticity to the look while giving off a calm and glamorous vibe.


unnamed-2Niki Cheng is co-owner of BoConcept New York with her husband, Shaokao Cheng. They started BoConcept New York in 2003. With an architecture and interior design background, she has furnished many homes in New York City. She is the proud mother of a 9-year old girl and 6-year old boy.

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