Winter Beauty Tips from La Peau Day Spa

Winter Beauty Tips from

La Peau Day Spa

By Rigche Ma


bp_1Meteorologists have warned that winter 2014 is set to be record shattering. But as you brace yourself to battle the season, don’t forget that piling on clothes is only half the armor.

Weather conditions – such as fluctuations in temperatures, humidity levels, and other environmental stimulants are sworn enemies of the human skin. Further, the productive city dweller is constantly under siege from other physical and psychological forces in public and private life, and these challenges can leave an ugly aftermath on the face.

According to Everlyn Ho, skin care and beauty expert, and director of La Peau Day Spa, the best protection against these offenses would be to step up on one’s moisturizing regimen, as well as to enlist additional help by applying skin serum. However, moderation is advised because excess moisture and the overuse of skin serum will block pores, cause a build up and may lead to a serious skin outbreak.

Between the ages of 25 to 30, most people begin to notice the first lost of vitality and elasticity, or struggle with the nascent formation of crow’s feet and fine laugh lines in their skins. Although the skin condition inevitably deteriorates with age, it is possible to keep the downhill dive in check.  Additional ammunition, such as a constant supply of oxygen and the replenishment of collagen can reinforce skin structures and restore firmness.

Fortunately, La Peau Day Spa has a quick fix remedy to this – Rejuvenation Facial (RF). Founded upon state of the art German technology, RF treatment focuses on skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, anti-aging and cellulite remodeling, by penetrating epidermis (the superficial layer of skin cells) to reach deep dermis. RF works by motivating water molecules to move at high speed, generating heat from 104 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This leads to the contraction of tissues and smoothing of loose skin and wrinkles. The thermal accent is a catalyst for collagen regeneration, while the thermal trauma triggers fatty tissues to release fatty acid and glycerin that are transferred to the liver to be eliminated. This thermal energy causes capillary vessels dilation, which accelerates the metabolization of released fatty acid, thus resulting in cellulite reduction and remodeling. RF treatment can be warm or cool, depending on preferences, although the cool treatment is recommended for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin because the coolness is more effective in bringing problematic skins under control. The victory is immediately noticeable, with long-term wrinkle reduction and easing of the effects of the aging process.

The glow of good skin really begins from the inside out. By literally addressing skin issues both skin-deep and on its surface, RF is a two-prong solution to healthy skin in winter – or any other seasons.

Let La Peau Day Spa provide your skin with the extra pampering of RF to defeat the threats of an extra cold winter on your face. After all, as Everlyn Ho, says, ‘Clothes are to the body what skin is to face. So, always take care of the skin on your face.’

Visit La Peau Day Spa in Soho, at 183 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10013 

Website: http://www.lapeauspa.com/


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