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Local fresh hotpot & BBQ  for everyone

99 Favor Taste is a all-you-can-eat hotpot and bbq restaurant in NYC. They offer 6 choices of hot pot broths, which serve as perfect soup bases for 31 different kinds of fresh vegetable and meat. 99 Favor Taste is a place that can bring you great fulfillment and endless enjoy. They have private rooms for parties with 10-30 people, which makes 99 Favor Taste a perfect place for family gatherings, birthday parties, and other events.

Get a little extra birthday love with one free buffet! Come on the day of your birthday with a valid ID to redeem your free buffet. Or come within the three-days before and after window with a valid ID and an 8″ birthday cake to celebrate your birthday with them to redeem your free meal! It is a tradition cultural in 99 Favor Taste. $22.99pp in our LES location! Their BBQ buffet offers you the choices of 31 fresh vegetables and meats and it only costs $25.99pp. You can enjoy a combination of Hot Pot and BBQ for only $5 extra charge on top of the BBQ price ($30.99 pp).

Ding BBQ and Hot Pot Restaurant

They serve a wide array of authentic and delicious asian cuisine. Enjoy a meal incorporating personal hot pot, fresh Szechuan and dried pot delicacies, and Korean BBQ. Their restaurant also features a clean and relaxed environment with their innovative smokeless BBQ grills and friendly staff. Come with family, come with friends, or come alone! Every meal is another memorable experience.

Little sheep

A growing restaurant to delivery best hot pot

Little Sheep is a restaurant chain with a mission to introduce Mongolian culture and food in North America. With over 30 locations spread throughout North America, Little Sheep specializes in a traditional Inner Mongolian hot pot cuisine featuring tabletop cooking served in a metal pot filled with herbs and spices.

A traditional Inner Mongolia dish served in a metal pot

Hot pot is the centerpiece of the Little Sheep dining experience. A visual delight, each hot pot is filled with a steaming aromatic broth that’s decorated with an assortment of fresh ingredients such as goji berries, jujubes, black cardamon pods, ginseng and herbs.

For those who like their meal on the fiery side, a spicy crimson broth can be ordered with “mala” chili oil and peppercorns. Guests then place their selection of delicately sliced marbled meats, crisp vegetables, fresh seafood and handmade noodles into the broth, let simmer and enjoy.

Traced back to more than 1,000 years.

Mongol horsemen would fill their overturned helmets with water, place them in embers to simmer and add meat and vegetables. As the Mongols traveled throughout China, they began to create their own unique dishes by adding local ingredients. Today you can enjoy a delicious hot pot meal (no helment required) at Little Sheep Monglian Hot Pot. So bring your family and friends and create your own dining history.

Hometown Hotpot & BBQ

Hometown Hotpot & BBQ specializes on hotpot and BBQ with hints of authentic Malaysian flavors. With eight in-house hotpot broths, ranging from mild to spicy, and marinated proteins in Hometown Special Sauce, the assortment in textures and flavors will transport your taste buds to the next level.

The All-You-Can-Eat extensive selections feature fresh seafood, quality meat, wholesome vegetables and finest ingredients from the neighborhood market. To turn your hotpot and BBQ game up a notch, they have customize-your-own sauce stations that consist of over 20 kinds of carefully selected sauces, ranging from traditional satay sauce to contemporary western peanut butter.

Spotlight on their custom draft Hometown Amber Beer, the beer and wine menu is thoughtfully put together to complement the flavors they offer. To top off an unforgettable dining experience, they proudly serve their signature Malaysian homemade sweet soups that guarantees to hit your sweet spot.

Casual but charming, our two-floor dining quarter features exposed brick, wood details and wall art inspired by Penang, Malaysia. With over 180 seats and ample dining space, we ensure a comfortable Hotpot and BBQ experience for any occasion.

At Hometown, they believe that customer service is absolute. Whether it is barbecuing cuts to perfection or singing birthday song, they vow to go the extra mile in making your dining experience a special one. Come dine with them, and they promise a memorable blanch and sizzle adventure like none you’ve ever had before.


Dons Bogam offers a full Korean BBQ Experience in Koreatown, NY. They seasonally select their wines to pair with their foods. Join them for a fantastic lunch or dinner.

Born in Korea on January 15, 1957, Chef Woo Kim realized his passion for cooking early on in his twenties and has been cooking since then. In order to become the chef that he is today, Chef Kim began his cooking career by working at different restaurants, from Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisine in order to expose himself to different cuisines of the world. Even while running his own restaurant with his wife in Seoul, Chef Kim knew early on that he wanted to expose Korean cuisine to the world. This prompted his move to the United States in 2000 where he did indeed spread Korean cuisine through his catering business to numerous states such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio to name a few.

Chef Nam has strong interested in fusion-style Korean food in the U.S. He has shown distinguished ability in Korean food standing out as one of the few who has risen to the top of the restaurant industry on a steep and impressive career trajectory. In particular, Chef Nam participated in numerous events held by several Korean organizations as a professional chef. In 2005, he became the vice president of KCAA (Korean Chefs Association of America), a distinguished title for any Korean-American in the culinary field. His role at KCAA has become a game-changer for many of its events.

Chef Nam is a truly special check with unparalleled talent, artistry and experience in the competitive field of cuisine, especially specialized in Korean food.


The Korean Character, Hee (), is filled with the pure intent of bidding one joyous moments in life. It was predominantly used in the Chosun Dynasty to spread exultation to others in times of hardship.

Best known for Korean barbecue (Gogigui ), Korean barbecue refers to the Korean method of cooking and preparing different types of meat at the table with grills that are built into the table itself. Gogigui includes many other kinds of marinated and non-marinated meat dishes, and can be divided into several categories. Every bite of Korean barbecue is pure bliss. Delectable, flavorful, and delicious, a taste of this famous delicacy speaks of a very inspiring and heartwarming history. Ergo “Hee” would like to wish all our patrons the utmost bliss and prosperity in all their endeavors through the pure delight of a traditional Korean meal.


Founder and CEO of missKOREA, Sophia Lee, is a schoolteacher-turned-restaurateur, who opened her first restaurant in 2002 with the desire to spread the beauty of the cuisine from her home country. Her focus remains the same as it was in the beginning: to provide quality food and friendly service to her customers. To help develop the menu, Lee has called on the services of Sun Kyu Lee, a renowned food consultant in South Korea. Today, missKOREA has become a mainstay in the Koreatown neighborhood, serving a comprehensive selection of Korean staple dishes with a bent towards clean, healthy preparation. missKOREA’s food philosophy deliberately strays from MSG-laden and sugar-heavy seasonings, to provide nourishment that is good for both the body and the soul. Dishes are made with a sensibility that matches the elegant setting.


NIU POT is a creative hot pot restaurant. Their goal is to provide extraordinary dinner experiences to customers. Winter melon, water melon and lobster bisque are our signature broth. Cooking hotpot inside a melon is not only fun but also make the food tastes so wonderfully good and healthy! Their creativeness do not stop and strive to provide exciting dinning experience to our customers

Mister Hotpot

The Best Way To Describe Mister Hotpot Is Gourmet Hotpot.

The traditional hot pot style with modern hot pot concept, with the use of selected high quality ingredients and refined special soup base, to ensure the best of taste, smell, presentation and environment aspects. MISTER HOTPOT will surely captured the hearts of all guests and will always be the priority choice of yours


Here are a few comforting Japanese dining styles we offer at Shabu-Tatsu.

All of them are considered a fun and engaging was to by social and enjoy great food and flavor with friends and family.


is a comforting Japanese hotpot meal. Thinly sliced quality meat and fresh vegetables are gently swished and cooked in seconds in our housemade broth bubbling in the middle of your table. The name is inspired by the sound your ingredients make as they swim in your broth, “shabu-shabu.” After cooking in broth, they take a quick dip into our homemade sauce.


is a slow-simmering, sweet, smooth, and silky mix of fresh meats and vegetables, all cooked at your table in a shallow iron pot. The marinade is a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, and mirin rice vinegar.

The ingredients caramelize and bathe in the mixture, then are usually dipped in a small bowl of raw egg.


is a Japanese style BBQ that means “grilled meat.” You start with plates of raw meat, seafood, and vegetables, grill it yourself table side, then dip in homemade sauces called “tare.”

Nabemono Hot Pot

is Japanese hot pot simmered with seasoned broth. It is light in flavor but a hearty pot of fresh ingredients, cooked all-in-one like a “one pot dish.” The pots are usually placed in the center of dining tables and are shared by multiple people.