YEBISU Traditional Japanese Ramen Arrives in Park Slope


Traditional Japanese Ramen Arrives in Park Slope

by Sophia Hsu
Photography by Amit Chaffee

Patrons of Ramen Yebisu in Williamsburg will be delighted in the expansion of this popular Brooklyn ramen spot into Park Slope. Fans who found the trip into Williamsburg daunting can now easily enjoy authentic, traditional ramen just a short meander from Grand Army Plaza. Nestled among the residences of 7th Avenue, Yebisu is reminiscent of the cozy ramen shops one would find tucked away on a narrow street near a train station in almost any city in Japan.

Miso Ramen

The curated experience at Yebisu starts with the entrance and the bespoke booths and tables designed exclusively for Yebisu Park Slope. The staff greets you warmly as you walk in and are on point, meeting your needs before you realize it. With summer already here, Yebisu’s collaboration with Executive Chef Shigeru Ito, aka “The Secret Ramen Master” of infamously late-night, underground pop-up Benkei Ramen, will produce new, summer offerings as well as a menu renovation at both Yebisu locations. From the kitchen, Chef Ito sends out dish after dish, artfully prepared standards and new inspirations.

Pork and Vege Gyoza

●Pork and vegetable gyoza melt in your mouth as the crusty crunch from pan-frying gives this appetizer staple texture as well as flavor.

●Fresh fruit smoothies are   new for the summer. With flavors like strawberry banana or mango, they are both luscious and creamy, tangy and surprisingly light with no added sugar and very lightly sweetened with honey.

●Chicken karaage is also joining the new menu this summer. Delicately fried and lightly seasoned, these scrumptious morsels of dark meat and spicy mayonnaise dipping sauce whet the appetite for the next dish.

●Pork buns will continue to be served to the regulars’ delight. The appetizer domination of the touch-it-and-it-falls-apart texture of the deeply flavored and perfectly glazed pork served separately from the bright white, steamed buns and crisp vegetables reigns supreme.

Pork Buns

●Cold ramen brings a refreshing take on this traditionally hot dish. Also new for the summer, the marinated grape tomatoes, slices of scrambled eggs, cool, crisp vegetable matchsticks, chewy, toothsome noodles, and clean, sweet, tart dressing awakens the taste buds.

●Miso ramen is the customers’ favorite at both locations. The Sapporo-style noodle soup is comprised of a creamy bone broth boiled for a minimum of 12 hours layered over springy noodles, silky slices of pork belly chashu, preserved bamboo shoots, fresh corn kernels, spicy scallions, and a velvety soft-boiled egg tingle all of the senses.

●Tsukemen, the dipping ramen, is a standard at Yebisu. A different way to enjoy the familiar flavors, make sure to grab a few strands and dunk them into the flavorful broth. Pouring the broth over the ramen or dumping all of the noodles into the broth are big tsukemen no-no’s.

Tsukemen_Dipping Ramen

●Strawberry adzuki daifuku is  a new take on the traditional Japanese dessert. The tart, fresh strawberry cuts through the thick sweetness of the adzuki bean paste and the sticky, chewy mochi wrapper. A refreshingly sweet end to a rich meal.

Expect even more wonderful dishes at both Ramen Yebisu locations this summer from the Yebisu collaboration with Chef Ito. For news and updates, stay tuned to Yebisu’s website Also, keep an eye out for an all new project bringing together Japanese and Thai cuisines under one roof from the creative minds behind Yebisu.

Strawberry Adzuki