Yo Hi’s 2012 Spring/Summer Collections

Spring/Summer 2012 is a streetwear inspired collection of pieces built to have a cooperative relationship. It is a collective thought on the reflective bonds American style has with that of other cultures, and a study of how random products of the United States can become iconic, worldwide phenoms. And that they can, strangely enough, beautifully infiltrate native traditional dressing in the most unexpected ways.

Lucid and paralytic dreams can bring visitors of all kinds. They haunt their dreamers until they are static and spellbound. In some cultures, the unwelcome, dreaded intruders that migrate into sleep paralysis are explained as floaters from “the other worlds” using living humans as vehicles to communicate vital messages. I’ve seen them my whole life. But as bright day breaches night, the shadow that slowly approaches is the one that sleeping beauties have waited a lifetime to arrive.

Crawling out from a blinding sun, an apparition of timeless kismet entices both feelings of lust and danger, just as capricious as true love was written to be. A never-ending hourglass spills an infinite stream of particles that conjure an uncontainable atmosphere of intoxicating plants, thermal haze, and, of course, the creatures that evolve within. And as slowly as fate can make us wait, patience has never been this virtuous. Signature prints wave an air of happy disillusionment: toxic lei stripes, distressed checkerboards, a re-imagined Hawaiian landscape and a hypnotic snail trail. Laces and burnout embroideries of snails and deadly strains from The Poison Garden. Dirt road denims, pinstripes and jerseys. Sweeping silks and cottons add a wind-adoring drape. Military fabrics in purple sunset dip dyes. Silhouettes include tailored pieces with elements of intentional architectural imbalance. All in colors that exist in a limbo of sunrise and sunset: soft oranges, yellows, burnt reds, lilacs, pinks, lime and grass greens, and a kaleidoscope of night and daysky blues.

Articulated skeletons, gradated flora, spinning wood cut and rose gold radials for earrings. Toxic leis, rosaries, hairpins, rings, and charm bracelets of Crown Imperials, Snake Heads, Mandrakes, Belladonnas and Camellias; blooms as notorious for their use in black magic love and beauty spells as they are for their venomous nature. All in fine metals and enamel ombres.

Sketches of alternate endings told through intricate paper constructions of fantastical headpieces, belts and other elaborations. Cork-soled wedges, hightops and sandals suggest that the predestined future will be exactly what dreams should be made of. And finally, credit to Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo Montague, and to Tank Girl.