You Are What You Wear

You Are What You Wear 

by Niki Cheng
Niki Cheng
Niki Cheng

What does your outfit say about you? As a young girl someone once told me “beauty comes from within.” I completely agree. But what girl doesn’t want to be complimented on her dress, hair, or shoes at a party or event? Fashion is tricky; you can’t just wear something trendy and call it a day. You are what you wear. Your fashion sense represents your personality and lifestyle. This summer I’ve seen a lot more relaxed, simple characters mixed with sophistication on the runway. We want to put on something that is as comfortable as our pajamas yet, can easily transform our look from day to night: from yoga class to a lunch meeting to a charity event in the evening. All we need to do is master the art of accessorizing our whole ensemble with the right jewelry, shoes, and handbags. I have discovered that functional, intelligent wardrobes with a mix of casual and elegant designs are dominating today’s trend.

 Niki’s Top 5 Summer  trends:1 Playful superhero and superstar charactersStop being so serious and start feeling relaxed. It’s summer time! Sweatshirts are not just for the gym or moms anymore. Bright hue sweatshirts with playful cartoon characters or superhero prints are being paired up with mini skirts or printed capris topped off with gladiator sandals or fashionable sneakers. Tank tops and track pants are being made from luxurious material. This slouchy silhouette will get heads turning your way this summer. After all, it’s about giving your style a good work out. So have fun with it!

2 Fall in love with bright colors and prints. This season’s bold print craze: grids, triangles, concentric circles and more are seen mixing with radiating colors. We want to be bold and we want to stand out. Lavish geometric embroideries paired with minis or long skirts communicate a message of power and femininity. There is a demand for modern strictness with mix and match patterns but be careful while you explore this style. A wrong move will mess up your trend, and the last thing you want is to send the wrong message about your style.

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3 Serene white and pastel.Pastel and white shades are simply peaceful, fresh, harmonic, and non-aggressive. It gives a woman not only the romantic touch but also a delicate, hidden confidence. White on white with textures, neckline detailing, asymmetric and laser cuts are in for a new spin this season. Draped soft jersey material using this color scheme will turn any woman into a magical goddess from the world of fairies. Fringing is another hot trend to experiment with using pale and trembling soft colors. Finish your goddess look with natural make up.

4 Effortless and comfy chic.I am a mother of 2 and I work full time. This style suits me the best. Denim is a classic in the fashion world. It is trendy, effortless and chic; perfect for women of all ages in every occasion, day or night. A hot trend this season, and a great choice for daywear, is an off the shoulder relaxed top. Pair it with denim shorts this summer to show off those beautiful legs and shoulders, summer dresses that have an asymmetrical shape, geometrical tailored blouses, or simple jersey wide color shirts. Maxi skirts are another wardrobe staple and is the definition of comfy chic. You can do it at formal or casual occasions.

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5 There’s plenty of room for the feminine sideFor me, floral prints are a love affair from last year that is so passionate that it continues to trend this summer. Besides mini floral prints, I see designers are more daring in terms of using large to life-size prints. This season’s floral prints come in any vibrant color you can think of, all of which are some deviation of the garden and green house themes. Let’s live in full bloom all season long as we show off our sexy feminine side. Florals are all about having fun with style and fashion while capturing the joy and romance of summer…perhaps this is the reason why this affair has gone on for so long. There you have it!  For me, Summer 2014 fashion trends are all about power, confidence, love and what suits you best. So rather than trying so hard, incorporate your collection of scarves, accessories, vintage pieces and what you already have with some trendy pieces. Just think about the AMAZING styles you will be rocking in no time. Lastly, be YOU; nobody does it better than you.