YOUNG HIP & ASIAN–Helianthus Fashion Boutique

One of best fashion boutiques around Washington Square Park is Helianthus Fashion Boutique. With a convenient location that taps into the student population at NYU, Helianthus offers fashion in step with the city-feminine, sophisticated, with an urban twist to boot. From casual to classy, clothing to accessories, it’s a little piece of heaven for fashion conscious ladies who are looking for a little variety in their chic wardrobe.

Fashion Institute of Technology graduate Grace Wong had always had a dream. She wanted to have her own boutique that would carry her favorite Asian designers that were hard to find in New York. In addition, she would sell her own fashion line. Wong worked as a fashion designer for two years before starting her own business, and the hard work became Helianthus.

In Greek, Helianthus means sunflower, which matches the store’s style and its owner’s welcoming, generous personality. In the store, you will not only find American and European brands, but also many established and newer talents. Asian designers include Mason, Whistle & Flute, Amono Strangers, Bliss Lau, Bensoni, and many more.

Grace’s fashion advice:

Grace’s fashion advices for Spring 2009 Unisex, tuxedo style, and 80’s look will be the main styles for spring. Don’t forget to play with colors. Bright colors, such as purple, hot pink, tie-dye, teal, and electric blue also will be the trend.


Price: $100~$500
(With designers from Japan and Korea)