Your Best Summer Choice–CoCo Fresh Juice & Tea

By Sanique Lim

With over 800 stores worldwide, the number one bubble tea brand CoCo Fresh Juice & Tea proudly introduces its four great locations in NYC: Baruch, Grand Central, Flushing Main Street, and Skyview Center of Queens, with plans for another two more locations. Continuing to please its fans with the utmost satisfaction!

This summer, CoCo Fresh Juice & Tea is creating three new and refreshing juices and teas, striving to chill a hot and humid New York City. Cream Mocha Slush, covered with their unique cream and topped with Rose Rock Salt, creating a great harmony for the taste buds. The combination of Mango and Passion Fruit Slush is another of CoCo’s summer highlights. This cool and refreshing mix innovatively mingles the flavors of two popular Asian fruits. CoCo Fresh Juice & Tea magically present perfect tastes on this new menu with the perfect proportions. While Taro Slush, their all-time favorite flavor will also be available at CoCo Juice & Tea this summer in New York City!

Attentively growing its own tea leaves and fruits in Taiwan, CoCo Fresh Juice & Tea imports 80% of its ingredients from Taiwan, assuring their worldwide customers the same taste and the authentic flavors of its tea and fresh juice.

CoCo Fresh Juice & Tea puts great effort in analyzing the market response at different locations, and the utmost attention to creating innovative new menus in response to their customer’s requests in different cities. Nearly 30% of CoCo’s menu is modified each year throughout the whole world, promising to provide the best quality drinks in town, matched with the best service to its customers!