Yum Yum Too

By Claire Fountain

662 9th Ave. 46th St


The third child in the Yum Yum family of Thai restaurants located on 9th avenue, Yum Yum Too is the baby yet does not shy behind it’s older siblings. Inside the corner situated restaurant, one is greeted with smiling sweet faces and a sleek silver and chrome dining room. Clad with fresh orchid blossoms on each table, candles and mirrors, the fresh decor is clean without being stringent. A perfect backdrop for the bright colors that showcase all the dishes, which are anything but mundane. The full bar includes Thai beer, wines and an extensive cocktail menu, with a personal favorite being a frizzy mango and basil number. Offering a prix fix menu one cannot beat for a meager $15.95- $21.95, the food remains top notch, colorful and full of flavor. Salmon, spicy and sweet, topped with a mess of basil leaves on a bed of bok choy makes a warming choice, or indulge in the appetizers such as the rounded flavor of the tender duck roll, tiny crispy spring rolls with a carrot sauce or a Thai-brilliance take on shrimp cocktail (lightly battered shrimp with a spicy mayo based take on waldoff salad using mango, Asian pear and apple.)

Family owned and operated, most of the chefs for all three Yum Yum establishments are family friends, which keeps the passion and integrity of the restaurant in the right place. Love of what if going into each dish makes Yum Yum Too an exciting venture for those interested in fair priced well done Thai fusion. Noting the fusion aspects of the menu, the Panang Curry Beef is not a bowl of stew, but a deconstructed version of a curry, plated on a wedge of acorn squash, layered with the more traditional green beans, red pepper, thin slices of soft beef; all cooked in a light coconut milk scented curry. Kaffir lime leaves bring brightness to this dish in much the same way the lemongrass wakes up the Tom Yum Fried Rice. Arriving in a pyramid, with whole shrimp and a pristine fried egg along side, this fried rice takes the concept of Tom Yum head on, rich with lemongrass, shrimp paste and chili curry; which all married in a new rice dish.

With their proven knowledge of Thai cuisine, the Yum Yum restaurants will not disappoint, yet still keep your taste buds satisfied with variety and a well crafted fusion menu at Yum Yum Too. Dessert is an equally inspiring experience with a Thai fried banana and a trio of creme brulees, all sized for delicate appetites. Though many want super sized portions in the United States, Yum Yum Too balances classic small Thai plates with American appetites, highlighting vegetables and proper serving sizes. Prices are shockingly low for the amount of food provided and with all the restaurants in the theatre district, Yum Yum 2 sticks out for quality, creativity and overall ease of eating.